Musings of a Pandemic Campaign

This campaign is not exactly how I envisioned. I looked forward to shaking hands, meeting new people, exchanging ideas and putting miles and miles on my car covering the 31 counties in my district.

Instead of shaking hands I am wearing a Voting Matters mask when I venture outside my home. I am talking with and making new friends, meeting with old friends and supporters via Zoom and other formats. I thought when I retired I was done with technology beyond Facebook and my iPhone, but here I am embracing new technology (with the help of my younger friends and supporters).

Tonight I am attending watch parties using that technology and will be expressing my opinions about speeches from participants at the Democratic National Convention.

Times have changed but not so much that I have forgotten why I am running for the State Board of Education. I still want to give rural schools and teachers a voice on the board. I think my ideas are needed more now than ever before.

Don’t forget to register to vote before October 5 if you have not already.

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